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Self-completion questionnaires were sent to 245 Faith Groups across West Cheshire, 122 were returned, giving a rounded response rate of 50%. To encourage responses from rural areas we completed a number of telephone and face to face interview with Faith Groups.

Key objectives for this research included:
• Identifying the range and extent of community projects provided throughout the borough across the boundaries of faith, location and tradition
• Connecting community projects already undertaken by Faith Groups to the Local Authority and other community agencies and partners
• Identifying activities which relate specifically to the Community Budgets “Altogether Better” programme
• Providing a single source for Faith Groups and their community projects across the boundaries of West Cheshire

Recent research by The Church of England reported that:
Levels of social action are considerably higher among church attendees than the general population. 79% of church congregations engage in some formal voluntary action compared to just 40% of the general public.

There is a clear link between Christian faith and social action. 81% of residents stated they get involved with social action in their communities because of their faith.1

This willingness to engage in communities was demonstrated again in West Cheshire with a 50% response rate in our own 2013 audit.

FOOTNOTE: 1 Noyes & Blond (2013) Holistic Mission Social Action and the Church of England: Republica