Welcome to Link Up

Link Up is a relational network of Churches and leaders in and around Chester, West Cheshire and into the wider region. Drawn from across denominations and traditions, Link Up seeks to support and extend partnership working for personal and community transformation.

Link Up is active in Chester and Mid-Cheshire and you can find the latest local news and events from the "locations" above.

During 2010 Link Up undertook a snapshot of West Cheshire’s Faith Sector across all faiths, all communities and all projects. Now in 2014, in the latest joint project with Cheshire West and Chester Council, we have completed a fresh audit tracking growth and trends in the sector over this important four-year period.  The “Faith in the Community” work is part of the “Standing in the Gap” project jointly funded by Link Up and Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Why engage with Link Up and the Faith Sector?

 Here are some good reasons from Faith and wider Community leaders:

“Churches can do together what they could never do on their own. Link Up enables the local congregation to come together as one , to be better equipped and resourced to engage with our wider community.” Leader

“I think the Faith Sector is exemplary on engaging the community and making Ellesmere Port a better place.” Town Centre Manager

“Faith in an important part of the community. It is good to work together over our common objectives.” Public Worker

“Faith Groups have a lot of local knowledge and resource. Being able to coordinate activities will benefit those groups we need to contact.” Member of a Clinical Commissioning Group

“It’s key to community engagement at all levels. For me it allows me to meet with people I wouldn’t necessarily come across.” PCSO

“The main thing I love about it is the opportunity to get to know one another better and build friendships.” Leader

“The local knowledge will be invaluable in delivering the right outcomes to the right people.” Local Authority Commissioning Manager

“Access and engagement with the most vulnerable and isolated people who we want to work with.” Worker with Age UK

“Faith Groups have been delivering local, low-cost, innovative services for generations - without recognising or being recognised as such.” Faith Sector Worker

“It is so important to link in the Faith Communities, to work together for the benefit of all, sharing expertise and assets.” Local Councillor